Pre-Order: New Items

Most items are FREE SIZES, meaning that they fit sizes Small to Medium so please check the measurement. On the order form for size please write "free".
If other sizes are available, it will be indicated in description.
Due to photography and monitor settings, colors may differ from actual color.
Accessories not included, unless stated otherwise.

Grey Button Embellished Blazer
Item #: Q10081903-1

Blue Leaf Sleeve Square Neck Dress
Item #: YL10081409

Ruffle Pinstripe Tube Dress
Item #: U10081918
Size: One Size (Small/Medium)

Watercolor Flora Dress
Item #: G10082003-2

Cute Gingham Tube Dress
Item #: DP10082020-1
Size: Small/Medium
Bust: 90cm

Betty Chiffon Elastic Waist Dress
Item #: N10082207-1

Merlia Chiffon Dress
Item #: N10082310

High Waisted Abstract Dress
Item #: Q10082306 *belt not included*

Korean Style Off Shoulder Zip Front Dress
Item #: DP10082014
Size: Small
(measurements not available)

Floral Halter Dress
$ 15.50
Item #:  K10082006

Off Shoulder Lace Hem Top
Item #: WT10082105
color: yellow

Sweetheart Lace Dress
 (spaghetti strap)
Item #: V10081915
*no longer available*

Lace Top Floral Dress
Item #: K10081912

Double-breasted 2-Piece Set
Item #: U10082003-1
striped cami and coat included

Floral flutter sleeve Dress
Item #: DP10081906

Empire Waist Flutter Sleeve Dress
Item #: E10081205
color: light beige

Empire Waist Flutter Sleeve Dress
Item #: E10081205-1
color: black

Polly Knit Cami
Item #: M10081906

Bow Embellished Dress
Item #: G10081813
*inner not included*

Grunge heart Lace back tank
Item #: G10081815
*belt not included*

Cake Skirt Suspenders
Item: V10081515
*no longer available*
*white inner not included*

Gray Pocket Embellished Jumper Dress
Item #: HB10081602
*black inner not included*

Striped Top Cake Dress
*belt not included*
Item #: M10081405

Lacey Dress
Item #: M10081402
*belt not included*

 Posh Crystal Embellished Top
Item #: H10081310

Rebecca Cardigan
Item #: E10081402
color: white

Rebecca Cardigan
Item #: E10081402
color: turquoise

 Hooded Vector Cartoon Top
Item #: Y10072411-1

Lace Sheryl Top
Item #: X10080804-1

 Pink Braid Cutout Top
Item #: M10081406-2

Emily Dot Top
Item #: V10080101-1
*no longer available*


Chiffon Half Sleeve Top
Item #: W10062205
color: reddish eggplant | material: chiffon
length: 25.56" bust: 35.43-44.88" sleeve: 14.96"

Side Bow Silk Top
Item #: F10071202-2
color: purple | material: silk
length: 25.2" bust: 32" sleeve: 8.3"

Button Embellished Ruffle Blouse
Item #: E10071806
color: pink | material: chiffon
length: 21.6" bust: 33" sleeve: 7.8"

Black Long Lapel Chiffon Blouse
Item #: A10070605
color: black | material: chiffon
length: 33" bust: 39" sleeve: 14.5" hem: 35"

Pearl Necklace Layered Chiffon Blouse
Item #: P10042505
color: khaki | material:  chiffon
length: 56 cm bust: 84-88cm