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Korean Leisure Half Sleeve T-shirt
$13 including shipping
color: Purplish-red (slightly lighter than picture)
size: Medium
length: 70cm
bust: 120cm
sleeve: 35cm
hem: 76cm
material: cotton

Simple Design Hello Kitty Printed T-Shirt
$12.00  Including Shipping
color: Black
size: Small
lenght: 56cm
bust: 84cm
shoulder: 35cm
sleeve lenght: 15cm

Romantic Flowers Lace Dress
Item #: 

color: beige
material: lace and cotton
length: 80cm
bust: 80cm
sleeve: 10cm

 Princess Puff Sleeve Dress
Item #: 

*on hold*

color: black
material: chiffon and knit cotton
length: 78cm
bust: 80cm

 Sequin Embellished Dress
Item #: 

color: teal
material: cotton
length: 73cm
bust: 78-100cm
hem: 80cm

 Crinkle Pleated Tube Dress
Item #: 

color: brown w/ floral print
material: cotton
length: 65cm
bust: 80-92cm
hem: 164cm

 Pleated Flounce Shirt
Item #: 

color: grey
material: cotton and chiffon
length: 59cm
bust: 66-80cm
hem: 74cm

 Lotus Sleeve Top
Item #: 

color: yellow with floral print
material: cotton/chiffon
length: 57cm
bust: 80cm
waist: 70-88cm
hem: 106cm